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Our Princesses

Disclaimer: At Wishes and Wands Events, LLC, we do not intend to violate any copyright laws. Our princesses and heroes are generic, and we do NOT provide name brand, copyrighted characters. Any likeness to name brand characters is purely coincidental. Our customers must recognize that we DO NOT represent any licensed characters.  If you are requiring a licensed, copyrighted character for your event, please contact the company and/or copyright holders.

The Snowflake Queen

Snowflake Queen

The Ice Princess Winter Gown

Ice Princess Summer Gown

Very Happy Snowman

Beauty Princess
Beauty Princess

The Bayou Princess

Cinderella Princess

Cinderella Princess

Live Action Cinderella Princess

The Mermaid Princess, Fin Costume

Mermaid Princess, Wedding Gown

Rapunzel Princess

Sleeping Princess

Warrior Princess

Arabian Princess

Very Curious Princess

The Fairest-of-All Princess

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