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Our Customer Reviews

"This was amazing! My daughter and all of her royal guests had a blast! She was so excited that these very special princesses made a trip just to see her on her birthday. She told everyone about her special visit! Thank you for such a great experience!"

- Jessica from Raleigh


"What a magical time we had at my 3 year old's birthday party! She felt like a princess too! Wishes and wands were timely and made sure that my daughter had her special time with the Queen! Great job and would highly recommend!"

- Stephanie from Smithfield


" I can't begin to tell you how surprised my little girl was when The Snowflake Queen and The Ice Princess showed up at her party!! You guys are absolutely fantastic!!! I will definitely be calling you again!!! I'm gonna have a hard time topping you guys for our next party!! Thank you so much!!!."

- Casey from Broadway

"We had the Snowflake Queen today at my daughter's 5 year old princess Party! She was so wonderful!!! She kept 10 little girls attention for over an hour... UNDIVIDED! I would highly recommend them! Thank you Wishes and Wands!"

-Jodi from Clayton

"The Ice Princess and the Snowflake Queen came to my 5 year old granddaughter's birthday party yesterday and they did an amazing job!! All the children loved seeing them and playing with them. They took time with just her and crowned her "queen"! We were very happy with their "visit"!"

- Cindy from Clayton

"My daughter was absolutely surprised when Elsa the Snowflake Queen showed up at the door for her 5th birthday party. That has been all she has talked about. Thank you so much for making my daughter's birthday party one of the most memorable days."

-Melissa from Selma